Life-Changing Medical Care for the Hurting & Forgotten

Help equip the new maternity center in Uganda!

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Serving the People of Africa

Children's Lives Can Be Saved!

Childhood mortality is a tragedy that still grips Africa. 1 in 4 will not reach age 15 and 1 in 10 children dies before the age of five. Access to good medical care can change that!

25% mortality before age 15

Improving Maternal Child Health »

Too many mothers die in birth. Too many children’s lives are lost due to preventable problems. Directed attention to this global injustice...

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56 million Africans are living with untreated surgical conditions and need help now

AMH is working to provide access to quality, compassionate surgical care to those who need our help most. We support the training of new surgeons and specialists, the building of new facilities, acquiring equipment and needed supplies and direct sponsorships of surgical care.

56 million waiting for surgery

Increasing Surgical Capacity »

For most Africans, basic clinical care is simply not available. By clinical care, we mean what most people in developed countries...

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More Doctors Needed!

Well-trained physicians are in short supply in Africa today. African Mission Healthcare is addressing the need. Help us change more lives!

Africa is short of 2 million health workers now

Empowering African Healthcare Professionals »

To realize a future of growing, sustainable, and vibrant health systems in Africa, qualified and compassionate health professionals...

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Battling HIV/AIDS

Sub-Saharan Africa is still battling HIV/AIDS like nowhere else on earth. Two out of every three new HIV infections occur in Sub-Saharan Africa. Help us treat those suffering!

66% of new HIV infections

Combating HIV & Other Infectious Diseases »

Infectious diseases still exert a tremendous burden across Africa. The HIV epidemic has ravaged East and Southern Africa...

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Your Gift Helps Save Lives

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Partnering with Mission Hospitals

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Medical Education

Training is core to all that AMH does. We have a wide range of programs focused on HIV and tuberculosis clinical care; the education of surgeons, doctors, nurses, anesthetists, and nurse anesthetists; and the development of other health professionals supporting operations and administration.

Our Life-Changing Mission

We strengthen African mission hospitals to aid those in greatest need.

While Christian medical missionaries and mission hospitals in Africa have proven very effective, support from their traditional sources has been waning. These Christian missionary physicians commit their entire careers towards treating patients, training African colleagues, creating systems and building institutions in very difficult conditions throughout sub-Saharan Africa. They routinely do what their colleagues in the United States regard as impossible when they learn about it. We believe that they provide an excellent foundation to build upon and warrant more support and investment. AMH provides them with much-needed resources, enabling these missionary physicians, their African colleagues, and the mission hospitals they serve, to provide quality and compassionate care for the African poor.

Distinctives Producing Life-Changing Results:
AMH: Listens • Is Hands-on • Sees It Through • Trains Professionals • Gets Results
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