Life-Changing Medical Care for the Hurting & Forgotten

Currently, we partner with mission hospitals and medical missionaries across Sub-Saharan Africa. Since our inception in 2010 we have partnered with more than 35 institutions across 16 African countries:

AMH Partners map

In addition to our mission hospital partners, we also work closely with other organizations that complement and enhance our own capabilities:

Partnering for Impact

Partnering allows us greater reach while staying focused.

AMH Partners

During 2018 we expanded our work with our strategic partner The Christian Broadcasting Network (CBN). We continued our strong partnerships with crowd-funding site and with the Pan-African Academy of Christian Surgeons (PAACS) faculty and graduates. We also began a new, exciting project with MedSend. We believe these and other partnerships will result in progress that none of us can achieve on our own.

An important highlight is the matching campaign we completed with CBN, resulting in $2 million for our mission healthcare partners. The resulting projects are focused on our principal strategic priority the development and expansion of a network of high­ quality teaching hospitals in Sub-Saharan Africa. They include a wide range of projects including: construction of a solar power system, training of critical health professionals, electrical system stabilization and upgrade, housing for training doctors, sponsorship of life-changing surgeries and more. Each is important in improving the sustainability of the hospitals and expanding their capacity to develop the next generation of health professionals for the African continent.

Following this campaign, AMH and CBN began working together to enable additional surgeries across AMH’s Surgical Access for Everyone (SAFE) initiative.

AMH Partners

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